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Sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia and their deformations

Sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia perform many types of machinery on processed metal sheets to get the desired products.

While the fabricators get orders to modify the material sheets according to the required occasion, there are also times when the need is to beautify the product. Also called deformation sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia perform these beautifications.

Stages of the fabrication

When the needs are different, the services offered are also various. The needs are met without actually cutting into materials, bending, stamping, and spinning.

·          Under the process of bending, sheets are bent into the desired shapes by the use of clamps and hammers. Holding the sheet by clamps and after adding chemicals or heating it to a higher degree of temperature, the metal sheet is willing to bend and change shape; the sheet is molded into bent shapes.

·          By stamping a lot, more beautification can be done. Involving the processes of curling, embossing, flanging, drawing, and hemming, the metal is disfigured literally and bent enough to suit the customers’ needs.

·          Curling would allow the metal sheet to be bent in the edges and at specified locations to remove the hurt factor and provide safer sheets. Such sheets can be used as raw materials for commercial goods; wherein not much processing will happen on the sheet anymore.

·          Embossing would be like the branding of goods. It would allow the product to be printed with the name of the desired brand or can be embossed to shoe some written information on the plate.

·          Flanging would refer to the old school flanking on sheets wherein the sheets are hit against high-frequency base materials to create sharp marks on the sheet and also provide customized service.

·          Drawing on sheets is a modern concept wherein the raw metal products are made more user-friendly and are no longer the usual only for learned men kind of products. While etching on a small scale, drawing could be done on a huge scale by printing safety information or relevant information before use on the metal sheets.

·          Hemming would be just like curling to provide safety and security support to the handlers of metal materials.

·          Spinning would refer to the straight molding sheets into cylinders or curved surfaces of the customers’ choice.


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