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A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Executive Coaching


Leaders are offering less explicit guidance to their staff nowadays, and are depending more on executive coaching. This is because the organizations have become flatter and require substantial amounts of knowledge to thrive. But, several individuals manage teams that span time zones and locations, which mean they can only hope to benefit from executive coaching if it has a virtual aspect.

The following write-up specifies a couple of guidelines for virtual executive coaching that many modern-day entrepreneurs admitted finding useful. Please check them out right now.

Never Command the Medium

You can have preference for video or phone, or your organization may like one more than the other. But, according to the professionals providing executive coaching London, for the coaching conversations, it is necessary that both the parties select what is right for the situation, rather than have it commanded by you as a leader or by the workplace culture.

Both video and phone can work properly for coaching. One may not be better than the other, but, there are differences to be aware of. You must get a sense of what medium will be considered ideal for every relationship. Video offers visual context but can be a distraction if there is poor internet Experiment with video and phone to see what is best for the employees.

Location Matters

Physical setting has a profound impact on the prosperity of the coaching conversation. When a coach is handling students and clients, he/she meets in a place that will assure privacy and alleviate distractions. This takes multiple forms, starting from a long walk around a serene Stanford campus, for instance, to a calm conference room.

It is far more challenging to pick up the interpersonal cues when functioning virtually. So, make sure that both you and the coach are in a comfortable, private space where you would not be interrupted.

Purchase Right Equipment

Purchasing the right equipment can phenomenally enhance the virtual coaching session. High quality microphones, and webcams make videos as high definition as real life, paving the way for excellent presence. Even smallest investments in the equipment can go long. Get an immersive headset used by the gamers so you may understand clients with speech impediments seamlessly.


Executive coaching can be effective only through focused attention. That can be tough when we are coaching virtually due to the prevalence of multitasking. A coaching conversation is special, different from a typical online meeting or conference call. The details are easy to miss, so, you cannot give yourself the privilege to do anything else other than listening to the client.

If you get distracted, you may fail to notice a subtle change in someone’s voice tone or facial expression or an unusual phrase they are saying that have specialised value. You may also forget to observe your own instincts and emotional responses.

Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind and implementing them with utmost diligence will help one carry out executive coaching remotely. This has gained much more significance in the recent times. Due to coronavirus outbreak, no organization is capable of operating normally. Face-to-face conversations are replaced with Zoom and Skype meetings, which will now persist.

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